The Austin Chronicle | Promotions

Promotional art for the Austin Chronicle: Part of my job as Art Director at the Austin Chronicle was conceiving graphics and taglines for in-house promotions. Then I’d have the Production crew take those graphics and create in-house ads, ads for other publications, web ads and graphics, and all the various items for an particular event (banners, koozies, bandanas, etc.).

Left: SXSW 2019 graphics. As the official print sponsor for SXSW, the Chronicle had to create its own graphic identity every year.

Bottom left: The “Free Press” promotional campaign to build readership and underline the importance of free press. This campaign was so successful, the Association of Alternative Newsmedia created an award category inspired by it.

Bottom middle: Hot Sauce Festival artwork.

Bottom right: In 2013, the Chronicle had a partnership with the Augmented Reality company Aurasma. I created this animation for that year. With the Aurasma app, you could hold your phone over the cover, and it would come to life.